As a Genealogists We need to OWN our data and SHARE it with who we want to..
Own all the data and present it in a very professional way..
Share it with the World or restrict as we choose..
We provide Specialised training for you to be able to fully use your high-end Genealogy Website that we provide and set up for you.

Researching your own (my) Family Tree Genealogy is on a roll.. never before have people had so many tools and so much easily accessed information to enable them to have their own Family Tree website. We provide your own website with an available look of your choosing.

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A Quick look at How Researching your family tree used to be done..

I'm sure many of us have our own research material, and that of our parents, and even further back gathering dust in storage. Every now and again, we'd pull it all out, arrange all the sheets of paper on the table with a commitment to get cracking on it again.

And what would typically happen next? Phone calls would be made, promises by relatives would be re-made (just like a year ago) to dig out information about their part of the family, perhaps including photos and old writings. By the time you've hung up, you've definitely got the feeling that your relative's spirit is willing but that probably nothing will happen!

And, then what about any information that does come to hand? This typically means inserting the information into current piles of paper notes and re-writing descendancy trees. That part is not fun, rather, it's a bit of a bore, especially after the first couple of years of doing this.

Any jumps in progress with your family tree(s) means re-printing the updated information and despatching it off to people in the family you know are interested in the tree. Some people will have graduated to using spreadsheets and similar programs to reduce the paper load, but there's still the problem of getting the updated tree out to all those interested.

Then how do you attach other media to the tree records? Pushing relatives to part with photo copies and handed-down stories will eventually mean a buildup of material associated with individuals, multi-individuals, and whole families. Birth, baptism, military and war, and death records add to the mass of material.

Putting everything together and making it accessible to the right people is a task with only one answer. Your own dedicated genealogy website.. "My Family Tree Website"
NOT a website you don't own with limited functionality and likely a monthly fee (there are many online subscription sites like this - before you know it a couple of years have passed and you've spent thousands, way beyond what your own website with far far more functionality would cost). Those websites have large drawbacks in terms of what and how they present genealogy material.

Taking your Family Tree to a Previously Unimaginable Level

Let's have a quick look or overview at what a dedicated family tree website can do for you:

  • All information is stored in a database, and pages are created and shown only when a user requests them, so all information you enter is immediately updated
  • There is no theoretical limit to the number of individuals and attached information in your tree(s)
  • You can let as many or as few people view and/or participate/collaborate in your genealogy research
    • You can leave your website open for all
    • You can restrict entry by login only (the program handles all this)
    • That login or lack of, can show only relatives who have passed on, if you want, restricting viewing of living family, or allowing login-only to view all, or even mark certain individuals to be private and restrict certain users.
    • The short story is that you can protect your tree by giving people greater or lesser rights in what they can view.
  • You have a huge number of genealogy-related features, let's have a look at a few of them:
    • Material is grouped according to an individual and their family, and this can include photos, war and military records, histories, other documents, headstone and cemetery records; in fact anything the mind can imagine can be attached and dynamically presented.
    • There are numerous options to form ancestor and descendancy trees, and for those relatives who just do not have any possibility of internet access, reports can be printed.
  • However, a HUGE part of the problems involving family trees has been overcome: Always up-to-date information AND accessibility to all that you choose.

Where's the Catch if you build my family tree website?

Well there isn't one. Setting up a dedicated genealogy program as a website is not something the average person can do. BUT, having a genealogy website set up for the average person with training on how to use it, is something 90% of people can do.

And This is Where We Come In

We do all the technical stuff, and then train you, one-on-one to be able to run your own genealogy website. Our fees are very reasonable, and we can train you to do as much or as little as you are comfortable with doing (according to the package), as long as you meet the basics of entering the data to build your tree, and manage the users you grant access to (if not open to all visitors).
Read all about our organisation and how we can enable you to create a legacy of information with easy access for all your present and future family.

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